DORMANTYOUTH is the alias of Thelma Ndebele, a masters architecture student at the GSA, UJ, whose interest lies in music as an alternative translation of place, as well as an archive of lived space. Their research and observations made at the GSA have culminated into them regarding music as a metric of place, specifically in (sub)cultures that can be identified by the music produced and consumed by said social groups. When DJing, DORMANTYOUTH gravitates to electronically-produced bass music, especially interested in sounds that boom from underground scenes in rarely observed (musically) parts of the world. As an architecture student DJing at identity specific events such as Vogue Nights Jozi and Pussy Party, this role has become a method of research that provides access to a particularly unique ladscape of contemporary Johannesburg nightlife. This role as DORMANTYOUTH allows them to shape interactions between body and space via music, providing an eye-opening lens on how geatly sound can affect (the use of) architectural spaces.

Dormant Youth


Thelma Ndebele

20:00 - late

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