2 April 2020

Dialogues with Dust consist of a series of curated online and offline talks, seminars, atmospheric reconstructions, concert-lectures and films interspersed with reading groups and drawing workshops. This series of dialogues raises issues and phenomena relevant to Egypt, Namibia, Johannesburg; and their hauntings, dust, spectres, edge conditions, ancient deserts and contemporary global catastrophes. The wide-spread of Covid-19 alerts us to the unavoidable planetarity of our current moment, asking us to reflect on our entanglements and impact on health, territory and climate. Through the notion of dust, we also contemplate phenomena long since dormant, against those ruptured, urgent and insurgent into atmospheres we inhabit. This marathon engages with a wide range of practices and ways of thinking and making architecture, place, and the world.


18+ series

In addition to the broader framing of methodological approaches to the Unit (provided on the sheet preceding), the Unit also strongly encourages cross-disciplinary representation forms (for example into film, performance, sculpture, installation-making and digital media). This is supplemented through the 18+ SEMINAR SERIES.

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