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Directory of Hyperreal Objects

Izak Potgieter






This project uses the tools and tactics of interactive media to create a video game,  a directory of architectural devices capable of operating and  monitoring the form-less environmental forces that have shaped the Giza  plateau over millennia. When playing the game you are able to directly manipulate, control and  even sabotage these architectural devices. Every (in)action you take in  the game ‘prints’ a trace onto a digitized Giza plateau. In this way the  game transcends the digital and becomes a ‘spatial printer’ printing  architectures upon the Giza plateau that can then be reproduced in  physical space.

In  order to reckon with the enormous environmental forces shaping our  planet we need to be able to visualise and alter them. If the way places  and events are depicted frame how we think about them then the question  of representation is of paramount importance.

This project takes on this challenge, producing a directory of hyperobjects to give physical form to the form-less environmental forces that have shaped the Giza plateau over millennia.


Giza Plateau, Egypt

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Hyperobjects, Interactive Media, Dark Ecology, Spatial Printer, ,Video Game, Cyborg, Digital, Analogue, Museum, Giza

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