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Hyperreal Perspicuities

Multi-Narrative Reconstructions

Kamal Ranchod






The  project aims to develop prototypes that enable for new modes of  architectural representation that challenge narratives of colonialism,  reveal hauntings of complex histories and reconstruct narratives that  have been marginalised and forgotten through the use of archival  sources, websites, books, essays and drawings. The project utilises  rhizomatic tactics to create the prototypes in the form of drawings,  instruments, models and videos. The project relies heavily on drawing  and also uses the writings of Robin Evans in his book “Translations from  Drawings to Buildings and Other Essays” which examines architecture  manifesting through drawing. That the building doesn’t come before the  drawing. As architects we always labour through an intervening medium,  not working directly with the object of our thought which influences the  architecture we create.

The project focuses on Modern Egypt between the 19th and 20th century, specifically during the reign of the Mohammed Ali Dynasty and  the Occupation of Colonial powers in Egypt. This period represents a  complex blend of histories and narratives from different groups such as  labourers, locals, and foreigners that are overpowered by the privileged  perspectives of the ruling regimes and colonialism.


Cairo, Egypt


Immersive, Projection Mapping, Multiple Narratives, Perspective Drawing, Cartography, Colonialism, Hauntings, Rhizome, Diachronic

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