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The Engraved Stitches

The Aftermath of the Oppressed

Atiyyah Ameen






The  lines, strokes and point on the atlas make up the stitches of  societies. The following project outlines and questions the  vulnerabilities within these borders and different forms of resistant  architecture. The research deals with the haunting presence of ghostly  forms from past and present war-fares through the Northern Sinai  Peninsula, along the route to the Rafah border. Allowing for the  understanding and interrogation of such spatial and architectural forms,  will clearly show the haunting displacement within these atlas lines,  borders and routes.

The  research deals with a multiplicity of borders, from natural, cultural  borders to more political, destructive lines. The study of borders in  all aspects highlights and widens the scope of research and knowledge.  This will in turn allow for a deeper citing into the function of all  societies which house resistant, refugee and political struggles. The  works highlight a variety of forms of resistance and smuggling, from  the apparent tunnels to fortified walls and barricades to dilapidated  housing and routes. Politics and Architecture are key fundamentals in  all aspects. The power in politics, gives rise to the influence of  architecture and urbanity.

An  engraved terror which plays along the balance of humane and inhumane is  one which seizes to engulf people, places and territories. The engravement of destructive and devastating infrastructure and facades play a vital role in the way architecture is seen.

The  aim of this project is to understand, highlight and deconstruct such  vivid vulnerabilities brought to the architectural world,  Vulnerabilities which have been brought about due to the in capabilities  of man, the map and societies. Architecture is drawn through a lens of  politics, treaties and policies and one must correct such  vulnerabilities present due to the cracks in all of these aspects.

This  project enfolds in a series of mapping techniques, be it hand-made,  structural and digital. Such mapped out drawings will in turn highlight a  new atlas of political architecture. Furthermore, the project will  dissect these “new forms” in a series of hand-made models and sections  in order to uncover deeper explorations within these vulnerabilities  present.


Rafa Border, Egypt

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Ghostly, Unknown, Haunted, Unmaking, Temporary, Territories, Constant Shift, Hyper Real, Forgotten, Treaty, Struggles, Displaced, Memory

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