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The Many Sides of the Square

Fathima Mula






A public square in the heart of Cairo, Midan Al-Tahrir (Liberation Square) has been made and unmade in different  ways since its inception, most notably as the main site of protest for  the Arab Spring beginning in 2011. To dissuade any inclination towards a  new revolution, the last few years have seen the systematic erasure of  the traces of protest under military rule.

The Many Sides of the Square looks at fiction and filmmaking as a tool to explore this erased multiplicity of Tahrir using only the information and research that can be accessed from afar. This  body of work forms a series of fictional animated acts, using cinematic  and spatial tools to question the power dynamics prevalent within the  making and unmaking of the space.

In  this fictional narrative of the Square and its surroundings, focus is  placed on the use of screens at multiple scales – from the cell phone to  the billboard – to highlight the importance of social media as an archive of current events, and the detrimental effect censorship and propaganda have on the depiction of events, and ultimately the identity of a space.


Tahrir Square, Cairo

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Screens, Fiction, Film, Politics, Power, Multiplicity

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