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Ghost Siting's 

Ghost sitings consist of a series of public online seminars, talks, and film screenings 

Expanding on research that tackles the way surfaces, skins and facades mediate, translate and transmute information, data, and history.

Through a spectral, virtual gaze, we tour six haunted ‘surfacings’ on our continent - that include Durban’s ‘Golden Mile’ - a landscape re-veneered to copy Miami’sbeachfront; as well as sites in Senegal, Johannesburg, and the EasternCape in South Africa. The ghost tour engages with a wide range of practices and ways of thinking, making and engaging with the supersurfaces in their context. 


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Presenter Line-Up

Organisers & Moderator:

Sarah de Villiers

Naadira Patel

Special thanks to:

Nothando Lunga

GSA (ops team)

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